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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Word Verification Code Accidentally Unlocks Portal To Other Dimension

Cliff Secord a.k.a. 2Hot4u, was making a comment on a blog he frequented, when once again he was asked to confirm that he was human by typing in the word verification code.

"It was something like 'uhefer saten' or something", he explains.  "But I accidentally capitalized the 't' in 'saten', then all hell literally broke loose.  Well not literally, but it was pretty damn bad!"

The letter mishap inadvertently opened up a dimensional portal in his room, causing massive destruction.

The gamer recalls the horrifying event.  "Everything went green, there were awful otherworldly howls, and then of course Mom banged on my door, telling me to use my headphones.  She hates World of Warcraft..."

After gathering his wits, Cliff soon arrived at the solution to closing the portal.

"I just rebooted," he explained.

Happily, there was only one major crisis created by the amazing event.  "It erased all of my porn," Cliff complained.


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  1. I hope everyone realizes this describes an absolute possibility. Beware. Or ERAWEB