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Friday, March 4, 2011

GameView Exclusive - Questions for: Duke Nukem

The star of the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem himself, was gracious enough to answer our questions in a recent interview.

GV:  Thanks for being here, Mr. Nukem.

DN:  Duke, please.

GV:  Duke, there has been a lot of controversy about the new game, particularly about the constant delays.  Why all the delays?

DN:  Well, it's a simple thing really.  I was waiting for a script I was happy with, not some "Michael Bay" dross.

GV:  I couldn't help but notice your accent.  Where are you originally from?

DN:  Manchester, actually.  Started out doing some local rep.  But I moved to L.A., after noticing that a good portion of the roles were coming from Hollywood.  So I studied tapes of traditional American accents, mostly speeches by Ronald Reagan.

GV:  You mentioned roles in Hollywood.  Were you the first choice for Duke Nukem?

DN:  Sadly, no.  There were two other chaps, one who wouldn't take off his helmet during auditions - claiming he was a "master chef" or something - and some other guy with a Polish name.  Blazcowicz, I believe.   

GV:  Were you surprised by the success of the franchise?

DN:  Absolutely.  I was even more surprised that they ended up using my name for the game.  Of course, Duke Nukem is catchier than "Rob Shootemup".

GV:  The original title.

DN:  Yes.

GV:  Tragic.  So what did you do to prepare for the role?

DN:  Well first - and this was my idea - don't listen to Apogee - I dyed my hair blonde.

GV:  May I ask what your actual hair color is?

DN:  No.

GV:  Fair enough.  What else did you do to prepare?

DN:  Hung out in strip clubs, mostly.  Learning the American vernacular.  Extensive butt-kicking.  And of course weight training.  Thanks Body by Jake.

GV:  Has celebrity changed you?

DN:  I don't think so.  At first it was all lights and glamour, but after awhile you get back to the basics, hone your craft if you will.

GV:  Thank you for your time.

DN:  It's been a thrill and a half.

GV:  You're being sarcastic.

DN:  Maybe.     

Duke Nukem Forever comes out May 3.  Really.


  1. What a tantalizing interview. What vivid insight into the celebrity game star.

  2. I played Duke Nukem for months back around '97. He was quite a killer. Never could get past the pool of giant brain squids, though. So I gave up and moved to Doom. Still couldn't quite master the first person shooter mode. So I moved on to Diablo. Been happy ever since...