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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

GameView Presents: Ask The FAQ Guy

Our resident know-it-all will now answer your gaming questions...

Q: I'm having trouble playing XBLA games on my console.

A: That's not a question.

Q: I own all three current gaming systems - the XBox 360, the Playstation 3, and the Wii.  Can you explain why all have notable exclusive games, but they all require different audio and video connections thereby requiring a switcher and some creative connection swapping, causing the clarity of the video to be affected by my television's HD broadcast capacity, creating a steady stream of pixelation and subsequently marring the video game image?

A: No.

Q: What does "DOS" mean?

A: It means that you need a new PC.

Q: Is there life after death?

A: I think it's a question of the existence of a deity, metaphysical or otherwise.  Existentialists suggest the manifestation of good and evil as a by-product of the fears induced by the question.  What is on the other side?  How can we differentiate from actual physical being and the dream state created by our subconscious?

Q: How do I download Katy Perry's "Fireworks" for Just Dance 2 on my Wii?

A: Why would you want to?

Q: What is Uplay?

A: Misspelled.

Q: I forgot my password!

A: I don't know it.

Q: Where is my CD Key?

A: Have you looked under your CD Mat?

Q: How do I change a game's language to English?

A: Que?

Q: I am having sound problems.

A: Sounds like you need sound answers.

Q: i lik tedy bers

A: Get off your Daddy's PC.

Q: I am having performance problems.

A: They have clinics for that.

Q: Do you need training to become a FAQ expert?

A: Apparently not.

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  1. If this wasn't so accurate, this wouldn't be so funny!!!