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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Guitar Hero: Spinal Tap" Celebrates "England's Loudest Band"

In an effort to reinvigorate the failed Guitar Hero music game franchise, Activision announced today that they are recruiting support from an equally failed band.

"Guitar Hero: Spinal Tap" promises to breathe new life into the franchise or kill it completely.

Legendary Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel is very excited about the joint venture. "It's quite exciting, really. I have always fancied myself a "guitar hero" so I am looking forward to donning a cape and fighting evil blokes in the game..."

Bass player Derek Smalls is skeptical about the new game, but also enthusiastic about the possibilities.  "I admit, I haven't really delved into the whole video game genre per se in quite a while, but I think this will be some much needed competition for Pac Man..."

Lead vocal David St. Hubbins also voiced his excitement for the game. "I think it will reach young people and bring us a new audience in which to blow their minds with our blistering rock and roll.  And I need the money, honestly.."

Gamers will have the opportunity to play their favorite Tap hits such as "Listen To The Flower People", "Stonehenge", "Big Bottom", and "Break Like The Wind"...

Expect "Guitar Hero: Spinal Tap" soon.  Unless of course, they change their minds... 


  1. The only Guitar Hero addition where your drummer can potentially be blown to pieces.

  2. Spinal Tap a failed band? They are a legend. Not a good band, mind, but definitely a legend. I never get tired of hearing them pronounce 'Stonehenge'.