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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Apps Available for iPhone!*

Angry Republicans - Knock down Obama's Foundation of Progress with Rants and Obstructions!

Who's Worth Watching? - Perfect for the stalker in all of us!  Just point your smartphone at the person you want to obsess about, and this app gives you detailed info on their security codes, daily activities, and bathing habits!  With WWW, personal privacy is a thing of the past!

Random Shit - Do you want to know how many tiles are in the Sistine Chapel? No? Neither do we!  But this app generates pointless crap for you to enjoy and annoy your friends with!

Pied Piper 2.0 - use this app to attract rats in your area.  You want attention? You got it!  Upgrades include various diseases.

Grating Ringtones - Guaranteed to get you kicked out of any social venue! Ringtones include the celebrity voices of Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher.

Ad Nauseam - which movie theatre in the area shows the least amount of ads before the show?  Find out with this must-use app!

Learn Yiddish - Oy!  You'll be verklempt with this app!!!

Dive Search - where are the seediest places in your city?  This app will tell you where and what kind of protective padding you should wear!

Porker - how much weight have you gained while using all of the apps you have and not actually been  exercising?  Shame on you! ...for not using this app.

*Note: apps not available in any area because they don't really exist. Made you look... 


  1. LOL. These are definitely the most convincing reasons for buying an iphone!
    My favourites are the Fran Drescher ringtone (OY!!)and "Learn Yiddish". Heeey - what about "Learn Yiddish with Fran Drescher"? In memory of The Nanny episodes - I'm sure you would have a blast!;)

  2. This almost had me thinking twice about my "wait until there are apps you really can't live without before buying an iphone" decision. Especially the Ad Nauseam one.