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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wii Gamers Rejoice Over "Skyward Sword", Get Consoles Out of Closets

Next week marks the debut of the latest in the Legend of Zelda series, Skyward Sword, and Wii gamers are beside themselves with excitement. LinkFan posted "Finally! Another Wii game worth playing! Now I have to find my console, which is in my closet somewhere." 

Surprisingly enough, a worldwide cleaning of closets by gamers has begun. "I was about to put the damn thing on eBay, and then they announced that Skyward Sword was coming out! Luckily I kept my console under a pile of laundry for safe keeping. Now the question is, which pile is it under?"

Parents worldwide are also expressing their enthusiasm for the new game. One Mom explained "We are all rejoicing, because our kids will finally be cleaning out their closets! Thanks Nintendo!" Another parent confessed to hiding her son's Wii console somewhere in his room. "His room has never been cleaner!"

In related news, a leaked report says that the upcoming Wii U console will feature at least six games worth playing within the next six years...

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