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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Netflix Introduces Video Game Rentals at Full Price, With Option to Own

Today Netflix announced their new plan to compete with Redbox, Gamefly, and other video game rental services. Wooly Overeyes, director of sales, explains the strategy. "Gamers can rent the newest titles for $49.99 and up, then if they enjoy the games, they can keep them at no additional cost. If the gamer is not satisfied, we are working with GameStop to guarantee that games can be returned to them in exchange for store credit!"

This is yet another move by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to bring customers back to the ailing media rental service. "If this doesn't work, I have other marketing ideas up my sleeve. This isn't the end, Redbox!" He then looked up, thrust his fist into the air and screamed "damn you!".

Several game distributors are being negotiated with by Netflix to also implement a new instant streaming service enabling gamers to play their favorite obscure and discontinued games, or as Mr. Hastings calls them, "classics".

In somewhat related news, Rick Perry intends to target the marijuana smoker demographic by passing the controversial new bill, "No Stoner Left Behind"...

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