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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The UnOfficial UnGuide to Plusisms and other terms related to Google+

Plusisms - words that imply something to do with Google+
also a common medical disorder as in "if you don't eat better, there's a good chance you'll have a plusism..."

“Circle Me!” - like Friend Me on Facebook or Follow Me on Twitter, but less creepy. Think of it as a "group hug".

Circles - categories for organizing your social network. See: Levels of Hell, Dante

Comment - respond to a post with your own thoughts to show people how clever you are, or dispute their claims that you are not as clever as you are.

Comments - a list of responses to a post added by various Plussers. Also, a contest conducted by posters to see who can fill up your entire stream with 60 or more comments.

Disable comments - prevent Plussers from adding comments to a post. Use this if you're not a big fan of contests.

Extended Circles - the circles of people who are in your circles. Basically like a huge gathering of several family reunions. Feel free to crash them all.

Games button - Google's latest deterrent for conversations and other social interactions.

Games in Google+ - The Devil. See above.

Google+ - "Google Plus", Google's social networking project. Duh.

Hangout - an online gathering via video conferencing technology. Usually plagued by assorted bugs preventing from people actually interacting with each other.

Invite - have someone join the “limited field trial” of Google. Kind of like when you wanted to be one of the cool kids in high school, but were ridiculed. Now you can be the cool kid. And those kids are probably doing time now.

Notifications - updates you receive on other Plussers activity. Also known as "surveillance". Also see: stalking

Photos button - displays a gallery of photos from people in your circles, most of which are annoying "LOLcat" images.

Plus, “+1”, Plussed, "+1"d - recommend other people's comments or posts to someone, or just to kill time.

Plusser(s) - people, companies, etc. sharing things on Google+ i.e. other poor schmucks like you.

Profile - information about you that other people can see. Like a work resume, in that you should make up lots of stuff about yourself.

Share - repost an item originally posted by someone else i.e. "love that LOL cat image! Think I'll spread the hate!"

Sparks - news, videos, etc. based on your interests. If you have no interests, just a thing on the side of your screen that reads, "Sparks".

Stream - a stream with items shared by all of your circles. Also near impossible to keep up with most of the time.

Tag - tagging embarrassing photos of your friends for all to see. Also, a good way to lose the aforementioned friends.

Thumbnail image - a small preview version of a photo.

Thumbnail video - a small preview version of a video.

Thumbnail - The nail on your thumb that you can take images of or film a video of.

Webcam - an Internet-enabled camera connected to a computer. Perfect for showing people what you really look like. Not recommended, unless of course you're actually wearing clothes while posting.

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