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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Google Plus Users Obsessed With "Plussing" and Sharing Posts

A recent study shows that both regular and new users of Google Plus, the new social network, are developing seemingly unhealthy obsessions with "plussing" - adding a "+1" indicating they favor a certain post - and sharing posts with the public. 

This conclusion was based on data compiled by an independent study conducted by an independent research team in Independence, Missouri. "The behavior exhibited suggests two possibilities," says head researcher Xander Harris. "One, Google Plus is secretly planting subliminal messages in their users' heads, or two - these poor schmucks have nothing better to do."

One example of this growing phenomenon occurred Monday when a photoshopped image of a mountain lion running from Lady Gaga went viral in under five minutes, with 500 pluses and 1000 shares. This photo beat the current record holder of celebrity Ashton Kutcher's post of his favorite trees, which garnered over 800 pluses and shares by fans.

"Clearly this sort of behavior should be monitored and investigated," Mr. Harris concluded. "No one wants Google Plus to go the way of Facebook and Twitter, but this inanity shows no signs of going away..."

In related news, a recent poll suggests that people are freakin' tired of tech bloggers comparing Google Plus to Facebook...

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