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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nationwide Ban on Banning Users From Forums Incites Moderators With No Social Lives

An organization of gamers nationwide have started a movement to ban selected website forum moderators from banning users who have been wrongfully accused of misdoings.

"We're tired of being punished for crimes we did not commit, for not even being given a second chance to stay on forums," one gamer explains.

A group of moderators angrily oppose the intentions of the movement.  One moderator known as HardAss21 comments, "what is wrong with 'one strike and you're out'?  Sure, I wouldn't actually do it with these people in real life, but people like me who live in our own little worlds must enforce these rules."  He added, "besides, if they succeed, I'll have to get a real job..."

When asked about the nationwide crisis, one government official had this to say.  "Oh for the love of God, this isn't the f**king Supreme Court!  These are gaming websites!  Moderators, get a life!"

In other news, real crises around the world involving hunger and disease continue...         

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