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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Friday, July 1, 2011

New Playstation "Vito" Successor To PSP, Makes Offer Gamers Can't Refuse

After the announcement of the new Playstation Vita, the new handheld game console, Sony made a surprise correction this morning.  "It's actually called the 'Vito', and we apologize for the confusion.  We also hope that the developers please stop making threats to our families."

The new developer, Bada Bing, assured Sony that "it was just a misunderstanding, but we're sure it won't happen again."

John Corleone, head developer, explains the new features.  "What, you want new features?  Okay, here's your features.  Very simple.  You buy the console, you enjoy it, or you never play another console with your hands again."

Pre-order sales are already topping July charts, and retailers are expecting a Playstation Vito in every household by the end of this year because, as a representative for GameStop puts it, "we love our families too..."

In related news, recently imprisoned mob boss Whitey Bulger confessed to the recent Playstation Network outage, but says that "Sony apparently got the message..." 



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