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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Far Cry 3"'s Open World Campaign Will Take Five Years To Complete

Ubisoft, creator of the popular Far Cry series, which are known for their epic scales, announced today that their next game will feature a scale unsurpassed by any game released.  They claim that the gameplay area for the upcoming Far Cry 3 will be fifty times larger than in previous games, roughly matching the size of Northern Europe.

"We want to make a game that will take at least five years to complete," one developer commented. "It will be so huge, that not only can the player lose himself in the game, they will be able to literally lose theirselves in the game."

In an unprecedented merger, Ubisoft will be working with Google to implement their renowned Google Maps within the game, so gamers can navigate the huge terrain.  Far Cry 3 will also be a groundbreaker in that it will be on a reported 25 Blu-ray discs.

GameStop manager Jack Sparrow is skeptical about the reception for Far Cry 3.  "People will see it and say, 'I don't want the Special Edition, I want the regular version!  And we'll have to say, 'this is the regular version!'"

Far Cry 3 will hit shelves next year, and will most likely knock those shelves down... 

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