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Not a gamer?
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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!

My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Monday, September 17, 2012


Well folks, you may have noticed that GameView hasn't been updated in awhile.

If you haven't noticed, then you probably aren't paying attention.
That's your problem, and I can't help you with that.

What I can help you with is accurate, painfully researched fake news.

I have another blog called The Newsosphere, and since it is Election Year, needless to say I have been a busy little beaver with my other blog.

Click the icon above - the white and blue one with the globe that says "News",  you can't miss it - and you will instantly be taken to The Newsophere.
Unless of course you have a really slow connection, then go get a coffee while you wait, watch a YouTube video, catch up on your porn - whatever floats your boat.

As soon as the gaming world erupts with more delays, crappy ports, controversies, or just plain foolishness courtesy of some leading game developers, GameView will be back.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fake gaming news blog, already in progress.
Thanks for watching.

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