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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sales Report "Skyrim" Best Selling Game, Anything Not "Skyrim" Less Successful

Today sales figures pointed to the conclusion that 2011's big winner critically and financially is Bethesda's RPG hit, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They also indicated that any game that was not called Skyrim was the least successful game of the year.

"There were other games, to be sure," one gaming analyst says, "but I think they would have benefited greatly had they also been called Skyrim. There is a lesson here for future developers - call your game something like Elder Scrolls or Skyrim and you will have a guaranteed hit."

A recent poll by GameR shows the percentage comparison:

Skyrim 95%
Not Skyrim 5%

Several leading game companies have already announced upcoming titles such as Batman: Skyrim, Super Mario Skyrim, Uncharted 4: Skyrim, and Duke Nukem: Skyrim Forever.

The only developer who is undaunted, however, is Rockstar Games, famous for the Grand Theft Auto series. "According to extensive research," says a Rockstar representative, "our series will get '10 out of 10' reviews and make millions for the next ten years, as our contracts with various gaming media websites will confirm."

In related news, Activision announced that their Call of Duty series will continue to be a hugely successful franchise until gamers are no longer sheep.

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  1. Skyrim is one of the best activities to have come out this gen, but I have to experience sorry for the PS3 entrepreneurs, as they got a sub par practical knowledge.