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My eBook is available at Amazon and Smashwords!
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fake Gaming News Blog Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Several personalities offered their congratulations on the one year anniversary of the fake gaming news blog GameView Fake Gaming News Print To Fit.  That is, after they figured out what it was.

"I was very excited and happy on this momentous occasion once I looked up what the hell GameView was," commented humorist Andy Borowitz.  "Of all of the fake gaming news blogs out there, this is certainly the only one," said President Barack Obama.  

However, some offered curious kudos.  John McCain asked, "what's a blog?", while former GOP nominee Michele Bachmann said, "I'm running for president."  Celebrity Kim Kardashian offered these words - "anything that was printed about me was untrue, except for everything I said..."

The gaming industry expressed their congratulations by planning to "firebomb" the writer's house, as revenge for him "ripping us a new one".  "All of the critiques of us on this blog will be put to rest once we begin making non-buggy, quality games and game controllers, starting in 2014."

The writer celebrated by writing a supposedly real article about people whom he would never actually meet in real life congratulating him.  Afterward, he treated himself to a tub of Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip and his favorite internet porn...   

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